Elizabeth Finn Care Group

multiple locations

Lesley Ann Gentry has been working with the Elizabeth Finn Care Group for four years on their homes in Harrogate, Wallingford, Reigate, The Cotswolds and Exeter. Many of the properties are original large period properties and the group offer high end care to their discerning clients.

Lesley Ann, with her background knowledge of high end residential work, has been able to create bespoke interiors to meet their resident’s expectations.

“I cannot tell you how thrilled the residents and their families were with the new sitting room. I think the best thing for me was the sight of one resident who, in the two years I have been here, had never been seen in the room. After the refurbishment we found him sitting on the sofa reading a magazine. For me that is what the whole project was all about. Thank you for making the room into something special for our Residents.”
Michelle Sides – Manager of Elizabeth Finn Care